When I first decided to start this blog, my first thought was how it would be received. I knew that I had a message to get out. The Culture of the Mind movement was born so that my soul could reach out to all of you other souls out there in hopes that one day we can all enjoy the oneness of God. As I begin to take this journey with you through the discovery of the greatness of our souls I am filled with a sense of anticipation.


I will share with you many things that have inspired the Culture of the Mind movement. One of those is the Law of Attraction. I first heard of the Law of Attraction I was researching material for a new project. I had been searching documents for evidence of why I was the person that I was. I kept searching through videos, music, and written material. I studied meditations and spiritual teachings day in and day out. I would get a nudge, sort of like a soft whisper in my ear, to pay attention to a certain piece of information. I followed the breadcrumbs as they slowly led me further down my path.

One of the many videos I had watched (I had watched hundreds of videos) brought me to the Law of Attraction. I had never heard of the Law of Attraction, or at least paid attention to it, until I heard the voice of Dr. Wayne Dyer explaining it to me.


I began to listen!


The crazy thing about the whole situation was that subconsciously I had been using it all along. I never knew on a conscious level what I was doing, but I realized that it was my spirit guiding my soul to the answers it was seeking. I began to expand my knowledge by studying such great proponents of the Law of Attraction such as Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Charles F. Haanel (The Master Key System), Dr. Wayne Dyer (Change your thoughts, Change your life). Another great writer I came upon was Neale Donald Walsch.


The messages of all of these great writers resonated with me in many ways. They helped me to understand what I was missing in my growth as a human being. I began to think about my life up until this point and tears welled up in my eyes. I thought of how I had always knew I was supposed to do certain things in certain ways, but I never knew why! I always had a knowledge in my conscious thought but I never knew how it was connected. I felt as if an invisible director was directing me through life but forgot to give me the script. When I finally got the script It was my moment of divine epiphany. The whole world opened up to me. I understood everything that God had been showing me. Even when I did not know that he was trying to tell me something.


What I know now has changed my world physically, mentally, and spiritually. If I had known as a child what I know now I would have always seen the beauty, love, joy, and happiness in it that I see now. I began to really understand that I am the pilot of my life. Allow your children to be the pilots of their lives. I want you to give the gift of love to your children. Love really does conquer all!


CultureoftheMind.com is more than just an online resource that aims to inspire your minds and cultivate seeds of knowledge. The goal of the Culture of the Mind movement is to motivate you to dig deeper into your self and find out who you really are. Our motto is positive thoughts breed positive humans! We offer you a have for open discussion of all things spiritual. We have a lot of products and resources covering meditation techniques and spiritual techniques for healthy holistic living.


CultureoftheMind.com is here as a beacon for those souls who are seeking answers. We are here to provide my insight, opinion, and voice to the world. The mind is the gateway to infinite possibilities if we know how to direct it. Take the time to expand your mind beyond what all possibilities. Allow it to open so your soul can soar. Set yourself free so that you can live fearlessly.

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