The Rebirth: A Journey to your Higher Self





The first time you were born into this world may have been one without insight or consciousness of who you really are. Many of us do not question our existence and just move through life as animated zombies. We live and grow physically and even mentally. Then one day, we die. Our death is a physical death of a life lived by only physical means. We go through life without a fulfilling purpose. Then our rebirth is once again to complete the infinite cycle.


Some of us pick up on a signal. A sign that resonates deep inside of ourselves. We have long become uneasy with life being only the cycle that it is. We began to realize that it is an experience.


Throughout life our soul may give us clues that there is something more within us. Little moments of uneasiness and awareness. Sometimes we do not listen to our soul. We continue through life on automatic. Then there are the many of us who stop and say to ourselves, What do you want to show me?


Paying Attention To Your Self!

We start to listen to our higher self. We begin to listen to our soul. As we continue to grow, we turn off automatic pilot and begin to drive our life in the direction that we want to go. Life changes after that! You change after that!

The world changed the day I decided to listen to the whispers of my soul. The world I saw through my eyes shifted. It was like I had never seen it like this before. As I listened to her whispering to me I realized how much I was missing while I was just “living”. Once I started understanding what my soul was trying to show me, I started becoming beautiful inside. I was waking up inside!

Once you begin to listen to your soul a rebirth within you will begin too. That is why I want to share a wealth of knowledge and innerstanding with you. I want you to see how beautiful your life is through the eyes of your soul.

It all starts with you! Understanding that there is more than just birth, life, and death. There is more to you than you can ever imagine. Take a look deep within yourself. Discover your true self!