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Culture of the Mind

Do you want to expand your consciousness? Culture of the Mind is Inspiring and Motivating the Seeds of our Souls.

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Inspirational Videos

meditationThe Culture of the Mind movement wants to share with you great videos that inspire, motivate, and educate you. Take from these great videos what you need to gain a better understanding of your soul purpose. Not every video may radiate with you, but take what does and expand your self.


Culture of the MindThe Power of Meditation is one of the great and often unused practices. It has not only been found to be one of the best ways to enhance you spiritually it also enhances your health . It brings you closer to your higher self and closer to God. It connects you mind, body, and spirit.



Teaching Your Child About the Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction is a universal law that teaches us how to attract into our life the things that we want. It teaches us...
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Shifting Your Paradigm
    Since the time we, the Homo sapiens had the power of thought and the opposable thumb, we have had three consequences Ability to...
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The Rebirth: A Journey to your Higher Self
Rebirth of the soul
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